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Smart Solution to Expensive Water Damage

When you think of threats to your home, water damage probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. But it’s commonplace and costly.


Every year, water damage from leaks, burst pipes and broken appliances costs homeowners and insurers upwards of $9 billion . It’s responsible for 23% of all homeowner property losses annually.

Why is it so costly? Because there’s never been a good way to detect leaks right when they happen.

Sea to Sky Security has a smart solution that makes you aware of a leak—so you can take action right away.


The solution uses water sensors to detect leaks. These small devices are easy to install and can be placed in your home’s most vulnerable areas. You can place them under your sink, behind your washing machine, in the closet where your water heater is, or by your basement door.

Once your sensors are installed and configured, your Security System will recognize where each one is, enabling it to instantly pinpoint the location of a detected water leak.


Your security system can automatically shut off water preventing major damage.

The minute one of your water sensors detects a leak, your system will alert our monitoring station and you on your smartphone. Right away, you can start fixing the problem.

If you’re home, you can immediately shut off your water supply and prevent the water from spreading.

If you’re not home, you still have options, especially if you have our guard response or a smart lock on your front door.

Our 24/7 guard response will attend on site in moments. Or you can call a trusted neighbor and let them in remotely. You can also call your plumber, explain the situation, and have a unique door code set up for them by the time they arrive.

Automatic Response

For ultimate control, you can have an automatic shutoff valve installed on the water line coming into your home.

When a leak is detected your security system can proactively shut the water off to your home. If you travel a lot, or have a second home, it’s an ideal solution.

A water shut off valve monitored by your alarm system also qualifies you for substantial additional home insurance discounts over and above discounts for simple burglary detection.


Now that’s a really smart way to keep your home protected.